Drone Photography and Video Production Across Norway – Specializing in Offshore, Heavy Industry, Construction Projects, Grand Events, and More

Across Norway, we stand as your go-to partner for superior drone photography and video production, ready to travel wherever your project takes us. Our team specializes in offering tailored services to substantial clients in diverse sectors such as the offshore industry, governmental bodies, and large industrial firms. We also cover massive construction projects, grand scale festivals, events, and ceremonies. Here is an overview of our services:

  • Offshore and Maritime Enterprises: We encapsulate the vast scope of maritime activities, including detailed visuals of your fleet, whether ships or offshore platforms, showcasing the grandeur and intricacies with unparalleled precision.
  • Heavy Industry and Infrastructure Projects: We provide detailed coverage of heavy industry machinery, sprawling factories, and bustling airports, offering a bird’s eye view of the infrastructural landscapes and the vibrant life that fuels them.
  • Government Initiatives: Our services extend to governmental entities in crafting visual narratives that highlight comprehensive projects and infrastructural advancements, bringing a unique perspective to state-led initiatives.
  • Construction Endeavors: Showcase your significant construction projects with our specialized drone photography services. We offer timelapse and hyperlapse photography from the air, covering durations from a single day to several days, highlighting the evolutionary journey of your project.
  • Grand Events and Festivals: We capture the vibrancy and grandeur of grand events and festivals, including large outdoor concerts and the majestic arrival of ships, through dynamic aerial viewpoints, offering a grand scale vision to your events.
  • Aerospace and Helicopter Content: From showcasing airplanes and helicopters to capturing expansive aerial views of airports, we bring the aerospace sector to life through compelling visuals, including detailed coverage of fleets, bringing forth visuals that stand out in a competitive market.
  • Integrated Video Production: We adeptly fuse drone flying with video production, creating short films of various lengths for advertising, promotion, or information, complementing drone footage with ground video production to create a seamless narrative.

We are committed to delivering high-quality results, highlighting the best of your projects and fleets with our advanced drone technology. Reach out for a non-binding conversation; we look forward to collaborating on your next venture.


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Oslo & Viken - Dronephoto and Dronevideo

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Drone operations

We comply with the Civil Aviation Authority’s requirements for operations in:

  • Open Category A1/A3
  • Open Category A2

Oslo & Viken - Dronephoto and Dronevideo


As a customer, you get high-resolution images and video up to 4k resolution.

Relevant assignments that fit within drone filming and photo:

  • Construction
  • Offshore supply
  • Offshore service
  • Building details birdview
  • Company advertisements
  • Inspection of facilities
  • Project documentation
  • Events from the air


Drone Mission Description

Before the drone mission, the location is always checked on Google maps, and whether the location is near an airport.

The main rule is that we cannot fly within a radius of 5 km from the airport. There are special map sites developed by the Civil Aviation Authority. They show the exact safety area with restrictions for drone flying.

If you are going to fly within the airport’s safety area, you must contact the tower at the relevant airport and clear the flight.

The main rule then is that the maximum flight height is 50m when permission to fly is granted.

The normal maximum height for a drone flown by a drone pilot in the open category is 120 meters.







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