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Gratis bilderedigering verktøy online!

Bilderedigering foto
Bildebehandling og retusj av bilder digitalt. Norges mest avanserte Photoshop behandling av bilder med magiske resultater. Pristilbud med fastpris gis for enkelte bilder eller samlet pris for seriebilder.  Vi kan blandt annet hjelpe til med fjerning av svette, elementer, fargekorrigering, blurring av ansikter, øke kvalitet og oppløsning. 

Gratis bilderedigering verktøy online! var sist oppdatert: April 19th, 2020 av firmafotografen

Trenger du noen som kan ferdigbehandle dine bilder?

BILDEREDIGERING OG OPTIMALISERING Dersom du er en fotograf på som heltid eller rett og slett liker å ta bilder, men mangler kunnskap innen Photoshop, Lightroom eller andre redigeringsprogrammer, kan vi hjelpe deg. Bildene dine kan lastes opp direkte til din egen mappe i vår sikre server. Med en enkel drag and drop funksjon kan du laste opp høyoppløsningsbilder i hele mapper eller enkeltvis. Bildene behandles etter avtale og du kan direkte skrive hvordan bildene skal redigeres i hvert enkelt bilde. Trenger du noen som kan ferdigbehandle dine bilder? KAN ALLE BILDER REDDES? Trenger du noen som kan ferdigbehandle dine bilder? I blant er man så uheldig at bilder som man tar, rett og slett er elendige. Du prøver alle redigeringsprogrammer som du finner og prøver lykken med selv mobile applikasjoner på mobil. Hvor går egentlig grensen på ureddelige bilder? Det er ofte at bildet kan inneholde en del sand, også kjent som små pixler. Disse øker med iso høyden og forekommer der det er lite lys tilgjengelig eller oftest i nattbilder. Sandkorn effekter kan minimeres ved å øke luminance også kjent som noise reduction. Som alt her i verden kommer dette for en pris, og du ofrer klarheten i bildet. Dette kan i visse tilfeller være en akseptabel forveksling for bilder som skal printes. Motion blur Den klare grensen forekommer i bilder som har for mye motion blur. Dette er forårsaket av bevegelse av kamera eller subjektet og ført til at fokus ikke ble holdt lenge nok til å fange objektivet. Her er det ofte meget enkelt å se om bildet kan reddes. Er det for stor motion blur er bildet fortapt selv med photoshop.
Trenger du noen som kan ferdigbehandle dine bilder? var sist oppdatert: April 27th, 2018 av firmafotografen
Redigere foto

Image editing – Photoshop

Image editing - Photoshop


Send us your images for analysis, and we will give you a fixed price for the assignment. For advanced editing, we offer a discounts on our hourly rates.

You can easily upload one or more photos via our encrypted form, tell us what you want changed and get a price offer from us within 24 hours.

All images are treated according to GDPR and confidentially. Once the editing work is done, the image remains private and is not published. All images are processed in Norway exclusively.

Do you want to edit your photos yourself? Use our online editing program for free!

Redigering av bilder og retusj service



Questions about image processing

Which is better, JPG or RAW?

RAW images will usually offer much more image data than JPG file, where the only drawback is the size.

Can blurry or unsharp images be sharpenedclearer?

In many cases this is possible. The result will depend on how blurry the image is, and an image that is very blurry as a starting point cannot be saved.

Do I have to pay if I am not satisfied?

You get the opportunity to choose whether you want to buy the result or not. For more complex assignments, we will prepare a free draft, you then choose if you are satisfied with the result so far and can choose if you want this completed at the agreed price.

How long does it take to retouch photos?

Based on the complexity, we usually have most photos ready within 1-3 business days. More advanced editing can take up to 2 weeks

Why use a professional for photo retouchingediting?

Although there are good programs that can auto edit images, the quality and the result of the result, can be quite artificial. With a professional Photoshop artist, the result will be as good as it can be. Our Photoshop artist has over 10 years of experience with retouching and over 3000 hours behind Photoshop, and the result is clear.


Press to expand the boxes.

[vision_accordion title=”UNCLEAR PICTURES, INCREASING SHARPNESS” active=”no”]

We can clear up images that are blurry, unlclear or grained. The most common reason for images being blurry is the shaking of the camera or wrong focus point.

[vision_accordion title=”WHICH FORMAT IS BEST, JPG OR RAW” active=”no”]

RAW images contain significantly more data than jpg files, which are compressed. A negative RAW could be up to 50 megabytes in size. A maximum jpg resolution will often be around 12-15 megabytes in size, while the same image will be approx. 25mb in RAW format.

When a camera takes pictures in RAW format, everything that the lens manages to capture is stored in a file. Raw format images will thus provide significant benefits in image editing and the color spectrum will be much wider than e.g. JPG.



[vision_accordion title=”WHEN SHOULD I CONSIDER EDITING MY PICTURES?” active=”no”]

Although there are no clear rules on when an image should be edited, it may be okay to think

whether the edit will add a value to the image.

If certain colors have not appeared correctly due to sunlight, shadows or over exposure, it may be okay to fix these.

When unwanted elements appear on images such as dirt, stains, pimples and abrasions, it may also be a good idea to consider whether these should be removed.


You take a lot of pictures to get the perfect picture anyway

Especially among young people, it is very common to take 20-50 pictures, select one and delete the rest. Although it is not exactly “Kodak torque”, this works fine.

So, if it is perfectly ok to take 50 pictures to select one of these, then it is also perfectly ok to accept that Photoshop can be used to get a perfect picture.



[vision_accordion title=”I WANT TO EDIT IMAGES MYSELF, WHAT DO YOU RECOMMEND?” active=”no”]

Although the perfect auto-enhancement of photos is a number of years away, one can even get very decent results.

One must keep in mind that many services that are free comes with the cost of privacy and you need to make sure you understand the agreement.

If your finances do not allow you to edit professionally, we can recommend the following programs that you can use to edit photos yourself.

We can recommend this:


Mobile (iOS, Android, Windows Phone): Picsart photo studio, Facetune(selfie editing), Adobe photoshop touch(free),
Pc\Mac: Faststone image viewer(color editing), Gimp(redigering, free) og (redigering, free)



[vision_accordion title=”OFFER YOU DISCOUNT IF I HAVE MANY PICTURES?” active=”no”]

Yes, we offer discounted package prices, if you have several photos you want fixed\optimized.

We can help with everything in image processing and retouching.
-Old images that you want to enlarge or digitize
-Wedding photos that did not turn out quite as desired, is something we work on quite often, so feel free to get a price quote.






Image editing - Photoshop


We offer affordable image processing and can send these finished, printed by post.

Although todays online solutions are great, it is very easy to get lost in the order process and order the wrong products.

As a customer of Firmafotografen, we give you many choices on how you want your finished processed photos.


If you have photos that you want refreshed, these can be sent to us by post, we then process the photos by appointment and send them back digitally or by post. Contact us for more information.


Image editing - Photoshop


Have you ever heard of the term “Photoshopped”

Well that means in short that the image is manipulated and not real, but on the other hand, not everything that is edited is for bad faith and deception.

If you have one or more pictures that you are not completely happy with, now you have the opportunity to do something about it! Stains, brightness, things that you want removed, such as your item?

Remember that photos can be fantastic gifts, and photos prepared for a digital photo holder can be a gift that will be valued for life.


SE EKSEMPLER – Photoshop artist – Retouch

All photo editing takes place in Norway

With us, you can be sure that your photos are in good hands and processed internally in the Company Photographer.

Many companies use external editing services from Thailand, China and India and with this the images spread

and back and end up on the internet with unwanted effects. You can avoid this with us as we have our own Norwegian Photoshop artist.

Retouching images

We can help you edit photos and offer the following:

– Coloring pictures
– Removal of elements from images such as people, objects, etc.

– Increase the sharpness and clarity of images
– Assemble photos and move any items
– Enlarge images
– Clarify image resolution and magnification
– Preparation of photo albums
– Correction of corrupted images
– Image merging and editing

Image editing - Photoshop


Image editing - Photoshop

We have good experience with correction of colors and light in images. Older photos can be colored with modern data image processing and you can have your photos corrected, for you and the whole family.

Digital correction of lens \ objective profile

We can also perform correction based on different camera profiles on photos taken with cameras such as Nikon, Canon, Sony, Olympus, Samsung and Iphone. This will then help the image’s angles and colors digitally. This method is also used to sharpen images with blur and motion.



Image editing - Photoshop

The images are colored, at the same time as they become sharper and clearer.
You also have the option of choosing colors that are desirable for the images you submit, otherwise they are colored according to assumed ISO codes and\or based on coloring AI.

Prices from 1490, – Incl. VAT.



Image editing - Photoshop

Do you have damaged photos or photos you wish were in better condition? We can help! With good experience in image reproduction, we can get your photos in their original form!


Image editing - Photoshop

Sometimes things must just go away.. it is a better solution to edit out unwanted people than to cut the pictures into pieces. We can remove people without destroying the background, and sharpen the images.



Image editing - Photoshop

We help with restoration of old or new photos. Most often you will be able to see the result and decide for yourself whether you want to buy or not.

It is through continuous image processing that we are able to offer a low price and take on many assignments to keep our skills in top shape.

FROM 1390, – Incl VAT.




  • Universelt .DNG
  • Canon .CRW of .CR2
  • Fuji .RAF
  • Hasselblad .3FR
  • Kodak .KDC
  • Leica .RWL
  • Minolta .MRW
  • Nikon .NEF
  • Olympus .ORF
  • Panasonic .RW2
  • Pentax .PTX of .PEF
  • Samsung .SRW
  • Sony .ARW
  • Sigma .X3F


  • .jpg
  • .png
  • .gif
  • .tiff
  • .eps
  • .pdf
  • .psd
Image editing – Photoshop var sist oppdatert: October 11th, 2021 av firmafotografen
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